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In Continuation of our experience with food and our successful tradition of serving our guests with limitless hospitality, The Clark International hotel serves guests with A delectable experience at our multi cuisine restaurant, which adds value to our guests during their stay at the Clark International hotel. Our restaurant is designed to cater specially to the variety of taste buds that reside in this multi-lingual and multi-cultural land called India. Guests can always find something or the other to satisfy their taste buds within our restaurant menus.

Restaurant & Foods

Hunger has no time, so does the food served at 24/7, our 24 hour multi-cuisine restaurant – Because hunger can strike anywhere and anytime. Providing the option of best café-dining, 24/7 restaurant at The Clark International serves multi cuisine food at its restaurant with the facility of the a-la-carte menu serving traditional Indian Cuisine is a delight to the palate. With its great variety of aromatics dishes, our restaurant sets an atmosphere for a quite and delightful meal.

Do experience the warmth and hospitality at our multi cuisine restaurant and hope you enjoy your stay at The Clark International Hotel New Delhi.