Hotel Clark India: Tips when booking hotel rooms

Making a reservation at a hotel can be compared to buying a piece of new technology in several ways. Suppose you don’t research ahead of time to determine which device is best suited within your price range. You might feel like you were taken advantage of when you discover that another retailer offered a comparable product at a lower price. 

So if you are ripped off at a hotel, the situation is considerably worse because you have to stay there while you figure out what to do and the better deals are probably only around the corner from where you are. This is why we’ve collated some tips and tricks when booking a hotel room. Learn more about it here at Hotel Clark India. 

  1. Use hotel comparison sites

You may save time and effort by utilising online comparison sites while simultaneously comparing prices across a multitude of booking sites. A few examples of the numerous metasearch engines that serve the hotel booking industry include TripAdvisor, Trivago and Kayak. 

  1. Call the hotel

When booking a hotel room, you might find it more convenient to call the front desk than using the hotel’s website. Getting in touch with them directly can, in many instances, result in you receiving better rates since the hotel may have room rates that aren’t displayed on the website for the hotel.

  1. Read reviews

Read hotel reviews compiled from guests who have stayed there before on consumer review websites. Sites like these are helpful since they categorise reviews by type, making it easier to find travellers with similar interests. You can make more informed judgments based on the reviews if you use them to target your search for specific hotel characteristics.

  1. Request the type of room

When you make your reservation, you need to make sure that you mention the room type you would want to stay in. If you are concerned about noise during your stay, it is wise to request a room away from the ice machines and elevators. If a nightclub is situated next to the pool at the resort, you should request a room that does not face the water.

  1. Book with a credit card

Use a credit card rather than a debit card to secure your hotel reservation. You have far more security using credit cards than other payment methods. Debit cards can only reimburse a small fraction of the total amount lost due to fraudulent use. Credit card companies, however, can issue full refunds and sometimes even identify the fraudulent cardholder.

  1. Confirm your booking

Before going to your hotel room, it’s best to contact the front desk again to ensure that all your requests have been made. Also, if you have further questions and instructions, you can raise them immediately so that the hotel staff is aware. 

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