Hotel Clark India: Rules and regulations for guests

Hotel Clark India strive to uphold its high-quality standards and maintain the great service of the establishment. Because of this, the hotel has implemented a set of rules and regulations that every guest should follow upon their arrival on the hotel grounds. Find out more about what they are as you continue to read this article:

  1. Bringing weapons is not allowed

Hotel Clark India aims to keep its grounds safe for all guests. That is why bringing pointed objects, flammable items and any piece of violence is not allowed. All guests are subject to an x-ray bag inspection upon their arrival in the hotel lobby. If caught bringing prohibited items, the hotel has the right to confiscate and reprimand guests for their behaviour.

  1. Smoking inside hotel rooms is prohibited

Smoking inside the executive room is prohibited because doing so will result in bad odours. This will negatively affect the quality of the rooms since cigarette fumes are difficult to remove. At the same time, cigarette smoking is considered to be a fire hazard. Hotel Clark India will not tolerate those who cause arson within the premises.

In case you need to smoke, you may do so at the smoking areas of Hotel Clark India.

  1. Hotel Clark India is a drug-free zone

Any form of illegal drugs is prohibited in Hotel Clark India. Guests who are caught bringing such items will be immediately evicted from the hotel premises. The establishment has the right to report this crime to the Indian national police. 

  1. No bringing of pets

Hotel Clark India recognises the fact of the special bond between animals and humans, but bringing pets to the hotel grounds is not allowed. The unpredictable nature of animals can cause disruption and wreckage in the hotel premises, which ruins the quality of the establishment. 

  1. Bringing outside food is prohibited

Guests are not allowed to bring outside food to the premises of Hotel Clark India. Anyone who is caught doing so will have to pay an extra fee during checkout. 

To satisfy your cravings, Hotel Clark India has multiple restaurants within its premises as well as a convenience store containing all forms of snacks and drinks. 

  1. Keep your voices hushed in common spaces

Hotel guests need to remember that they are not the only ones relaxing within the establishment. Any form of noise can disturb the peace of others, which can cause unwanted stress. With that said, make sure to keep your voices hushed whenever you are in common spaces such as hallways, chapels and restaurants.

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