Exciting summer activities you can do at Hotel Clark India

Since India is located at the earth’s equator, the country experiences a never-ending summer season. Each day is as hot as yesterday, while the nights have a cool breeze. This kind of temperature makes it all the more exciting to do some fun activities during the season. To give you an idea, below is a list of things you can do:

  1. Splash into the pool to stay cool

When it is hot outside, the best way to cool down is to swim in the pool. The clear waters will keep your head from overheating due to the warm climate. At the same time, the temperature of the pool will keep you fresh.

Swimming in the pool not only brings your body temperature down, but it is also a fun exercise. Doing various strokes trains your limbs to become stronger all the while your heart rate rises.

  1. Take a run outside

Whether it is a morning or night jog, running outside is the perfect way to break a sweat during summer. Feeling the breeze pass through your body as you run is one of the best feelings ever. At the same time, you get to see great sights while you are outside. 

In Hotel Clark India, there is an available track field within its outdoor premises. It has an interesting path that lets you see different views of New Delhi. 

  1. Eat good food

The best way to treat yourself is to go to a nice restaurant for a nice meal. Even if the price can be outrageous, it is the experience you should look forward to. With that said, try out the dishes you have never encountered before. This is a good way to introduce yourself to different kinds of flavours.

While you are at it, pair your meal with an expensive glass of wine. Choose the oldest one, so you can taste the richness and tanginess of fermented grapes.

  1. Have a picnic and watch the sunset

In Hotel Clark India, one of the sought-after amenities is the picnic area by the grove. Here, you will find different species of flowers and freshly cut grass to sit on. At the same time, the picnic area becomes wonderful at night since that is the time all the fairy lights are turned on.

In case you do not have any food with you, Hotel Clark India can provide you with a set menu. The food can be served in a picnic or table setup.

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