Hotel Clark India: 4 qualities that make a great hotel

Visiting India is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Fortunately, there are many ways to unwind like going on a staycation where the activities are enjoyed and guests can freely walk around the hotel or when travelling abroad to get away from normal routines. 

So if you’re planning on staying at a hotel anytime soon, here are 4 qualities that you should know that make stays at a hotel great.

1. Clean and well-maintained environment

It’s true when people say that cleanliness is next to godliness. Having a clean environment encourages guests to explore the facilities and reassures them that the utmost care is put into not only the guest’s care but also the hotel itself.

Keeping the surroundings nice also ensures that the hotel is operational and can withstand the electrical, water, and other utilities that are associated with running a hotel. Furthermore, a hotel that is kept in great shape means that there are fewer chances for mistakes and incidents to occur because of the facilities.

2. Warm hospitality and customer service

When guests enter the premises of a hotel, they should be expected to be greeted and welcomed by a concierge, valet, or a team of people at the front desk. This greeting gives guests the expectation that the hotel has been waiting for them to arrive and is more than willing to host them for the rest of their stay. 

Staff that work in hospitality and customer service in the hotel industry are trained to put the customer’s needs first and to ensure that customers have a comfortable stay.

To do this, staff need to be well-versed in the hotel’s offerings and information about the hotel, and be willing to answer any questions that guests may have. In terms of attitude and personality, hospitality staff need to be polite and conduct themselves as stewards of the hotel. 

With all this in mind, it’s a good thing that India is known for having hospitable hosts and people that provide great service.

3. Great amenities and activities to do

To truly enjoy the best hotel experience, amenities need to keep customers entertained throughout their stay. It’s why Hotel Clark India provides staple activities that families, big groups, solo travellers, and couples can enjoy. 

A good hotel will have some mix of activities that make a grand experience like:

  • Areas for water-related activities like pools are fun and safe for children while also big for those who prefer to swim for exercise.
  • Sports areas like gyms, tennis courts, and basketball courts for guests who prefer to stay active and playgroup activities.
  • Spa and relaxation centres for guests who wish to unwind and be pampered.
  • Recreational activities that entertain a variety of age groups like bowling alleys, arcade rooms, karaoke areas, and playgrounds.

4. Comfortable stays and well-designed rooms

From standard suite rooms to family suites, and executive rooms, all need to be comfortable for guests. After all, there’s a good chance that the majority of guests’ stay will revolve around sleeping and lounging in their rooms.

To make sure that the rooms meet the expectations of guests, the design of the room needs to first have the customer’s needs and access in mind. 

Pillows, blankets, and beds need to be nice to lie on while an air conditioner provides a snug sleeping environment. In the comfort room, items like complimentary shampoos, conditioners, and soaps need to be clearly seen. A good room will include a kitchenette with a kettle and fridge while also having an entertainment space with a lounge chair and a TV set. 

Lastly, the room must be secured with a lock to keep unwanted visitors from entering and to give customers peace of mind at night.

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Hotels nowadays look for ways to stand out from one another like through marketing campaigns or partnerships with brands but the core qualities of amazing and memorable hotels stay the same. 

To succeed and thrive in this industry, comfort, activities, hospitality and a clean surrounding need to be pursued in addition to many other qualities. Having said all this, remember the 4 qualities from this guide when you look for your next hotel vacation stay and make hotel stays in India memorable experiences with Hotel Clark India today.

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