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Hotel Clark International

Hotel Clark International, located in the heart of New Delhi, combines a world of pleasure to
your every business.

Staying at Clark International is pleasant experience for all. As the facilities here have been
carefully orchestrated to lavish extraordinary largesse on the smallest requirement of our guests.
Providing you unmatched standard of sophistication and convenience. The conducive environment
at Clark International compliments your luxurious lifestyle

Rooms And Suits

Pick a room that best suits your taste and budget

One of the hindrances when travelling is finding a place to stay that offers comfort, security, and where all your needs will be met. These days, locating hotels that can balance manageable prices with great service can be difficult.

In most cases, hotels that offer excellent service can come at a high cost and cheap hotels can be subpar. These are problems you won’t face when you stay at Hotel Clark India where we have found the perfect balance of both. To highlight all the best we have to offer, listed below are what our guests like about our hotel:

A budget-friendly hotel where you can live in style and luxury 

At Hotel Clark India, we hope to redefine the meaning of budget-friendly hotels. The common misconception in the hospitality industry is that cheap immediately means bad service.

While there are hotels that perpetuate this stereotype, Hotel Clark India is trying to change how our clientele views low-budget accommodations. That’s why when you stay with us, you’ll get more than your money’s worth with our elegantly designed rooms, services, and amenities.

Where hospitality is taken to the next level

Regardless of whether you’re staying at Hotel Clark India for business or pleasure, we understand that there is no time limit to your needs. That’s why you’ll have access to room services and the reception desk 24/7. In addition, these are two services we offer that our guests have directly commended us for:

Laundry services – We offer laundry services that our room attendants will take care of when you put them in the allotted laundry basket. All your items will be returned to your room within a day. 

Healthcare – If you find yourself feeling unwell, our on-call doctor will be right there to check up on you and make sure everything is in order.

Currency exchange – You can exchange currency directly with us to make sure that you won’t have a hard time looking for money changers or banks to process your money. Just visit the front desk for further instructions.

Authentic Indian dishes at your grasp

When you stay at our hotel, you’ll have access to authentic Indian food at our restaurant located on the first floor. Our dishes are sure to amplify your visit to our town and country. However, English and Oriental cuisine are also available to offer you variety.

Book your accommodations at Hotel Clark India

Having a modest hotel with 32 rooms allows us to pay more attention to our patrons on a more personal level. This allows us to customize our services according to your needs and ensure that you’re getting the utmost comfort and care.

Book your accommodations ahead of time to make sure your reservations are in order before heading to Delhi. We can’t wait to offer you our services and show you true Indian hospitality.